October  offer - save €5 on packs of 3 of our leak proof period pants - perfect for cycling and other sports

At Cheeky Wipes HQ, we always listen to your feedback, as that's how we make changes and improvements to things. So it's a a direct result of your comments that we've introduced our new 'Bikini' style cotton / lycra period pants?  We know that lots of you love our higher waisted, lace topped period pants. But others let us know that you'd prefer a lower waisted style, maybe something a bit more sporty and more appropriate for teens and tweens.

Well...we hope you like them.

How absorbent are Cheeky Wipes period pants?

Our pants have 4 layer protection built in, with a breathable layer against your skin, the absorbent layer which soaks up wetness and wicks it away from skin.  Plus of course the waterproof layers so you're leak free and comfortable.

So I reckon that my periods are normal, with day two and three being my heaviest days. On these days, I'd usually change my protection 3 times. Once when I get up and dressed, lunchtime / mid afternoon and then once more at bed time.  Wearing period pants, I still changed morning, noon and night, but on my lighter days, I only changed once at bedtime, as I like to go to bed with fresh knickers.

If your periods are really heavy, meaning you usually have to change your protection every hour or wear two forms of sanitary protection, then our period pants are fantastic to wear alongside cloth sanitary pads.

How do you deal with period pants at school / work?

It's honestly nicer than having to deal with binning tampons or pads in those gross bins! Carry a spare pair of clean pants in one of our mini wetbags to and maybe a few intimate wipes. Simply change your knickers in the loo, give yourself a quick freshen up with the intimate wipes and pop the used ones into your wetbag to bring home.  Don't worry, there's no smell!

How do you wash period pants?

Just the same way that you would if your period started unexpectedly and you have to wash your knickers.  Because they're black, I've simply been giving mine a squirt of stain remover and then washing in a normal wash, max 30c as anything higher than this will 'set' bloodstains.  If you prefer them to be sparking clean, and completely stain free, presoaking them in cold water and some Oxi or Vanish type stain remover will do the trick.  The pants shouldn't be tumble dried as it can impact the waterproof layer, so simply dry flat or on the washing line.

It's easy to take advantage of the offer - the sale price of €28,99 for three pairs in either style is shown on the product pages, just add them to your basket.  Sale price ends 31st October 2019